Full design and coordination by DEE!


The blowing snow and CHILLY temperatures didn’t stop the Ottawa Bid Committee from providing a FANTASTIC visit to the Canada Games 2021 Evaluation Committee.

DEE was honoured to be chosen to assist with the Committee’s visit to the Nepean Sailing Club for lunch and meetings today. The staff at the the Nepean Sailing Club were wonderful, the Wawatay Catering Company served up some delicious Algonquin food, and the Bid Committee and volunteers were a Delight to work with.

DEE’s budget went from some to none and so I had to get very creative with representing a professional luncheon that exuded a creative and classy yet relaxed feel on the table. Nothing a little printing, unique choice of table linens and some sports gear couldn’t solve.

Timelines were literally to the minute and we nailed it! The team came together and couldn’t be happier with the experience we helped to create!

I am so hopeful Ottawa wins the bid to host the Canada Summer Games in 2021. Good luck Ottawa!

Thank you to everyone and special thank you Julie Hunter Graphic Design for your assistance with all the graphic work!