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Todd’s University Graduation

I wanted something small, something elegant.. yet.. something whimsical..  I wanted to take advantage of our property on the Mississippi river but….

When Darcy came for the consultation, we were still in construction, not even at drywall stage.  No walls, plywood for windows.  It was a shambles.  I explained what I wanted to do.  Darcy’s creative genius saw beyond the mess, beyond the tools and sawdust.  She saw my vision.  Country chic, daisies, lights.. in blue.  yes, in blue.  She found the sunroom hiding away, full of furniture and said:  This is where it’s going to happen!  There were challenges to be sure, but Darcy made it all happen!  By the time we had the party, the house was finished.  So maybe I had a change of heart and thought it best to have it inside the house..  Darcy kept my vision true all the way.  Country chic means in the sunroom and outside.  Because she took care of every small detail, because she was sure that everything was in place, in the right way..  It truly was a magical evening filled with love and laughter.  Family is everything!  Darcy’s  expertise allowed me to enjoy the finer things in life without having to worry about the way it would unfold.